My father was a keen philatelist a hobby which I took over in the late 60's. I have been collecting single stamps from all over the world and also buying South African first day covers. My motivation has been to build up some sort of retirement income and finally having brought my entire collection over to the UK want to start selling them. Philately is more than mere stamp collecting and I have gained invaluable knowledge in many fields including geography, history, politics and environmental.

The oldest First Day Cover in my collection is one commemorating the Dutch queen, Juliana's 50th birthday issued in 1948

South African First Day covers

FDC 16 - International Stamp Exhibition
FDC 18 - the flora of South Africa International Garden Show
FDC 30 - Birth Centenary of C.J. Langenhoven

FDC 34 - 5th Numismatic Convention and Centenary of Burgerspond

FDC 39 - Centenary of Postal Union

FDC 2.2 - 25th anniversary of Voortrekker Monument

FDC 2.3 - 25th anniversary of SASOL
FDC 2.4 - Inauguration of the third state president Dr. Diederichs

FDC 2.6 - Death centenary of Thomas Baines

FDC 7.3 - 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.4 - 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.5 - 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.6 - 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.7 - 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.8 - South African myths and legends
FDC 7.9 - Chinese New Year
FDC 7.10 - South African sporting heroes
FDC 7.11 - South African sporting heroes
FDC 7.12 - The big Five sold for £5.00
FDC 7.13 - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Wildlife Park sold for £5.00
FDC 7.15 - Child Abuse
FDC 7.16 - additional 7th definitive issues
FDC 7.17 - additional 7th definitive issues
FDC 7.18 - 25th anniversary to the Soweto uprising

FDCC 7.21 - Anglo-Boer / South African war

FDCC 7.22 - celebration of music in South Africa

FDCC 7.23 - world conference against racism
FDC 7.24 - world conference against racism
FDC 7.25 - world conference against racism
FDC 7.26 - South African natural wonders

FDC 7.27 - South African natural wonders

FDC 7.29 - Christmas 2001
FDC 7.30 - round the world yacht race SOLD
FDC 7.31 miniature sheet - round the world yacht race SOLD
FDC 7.34 miniature sheet - Year of the horse
FDC 7.35 - cricket world cup 2003
FDC 7.36 - Johanesburg world summit 2003
FDC 7.37Johanesburg world summit 2003
FDC - 7.38 signing of the peace treaty at Melrose house
FDC 7.40 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.41 7th definitive 2000
FDC 7.42 African union summit

I am willing to sell any of these First Day Covers. If you are interested please email me so we can discus prices. In time prices will appear on this page. Prices exclude postage and packaging which are meanwhile indicated below

UK and ROI 86p

anywhere in the EU £1.22

anywhere else worldwide £1.64

If you want a FDC I will require payment me via Paypal so please using this address to send your payment with clear instruction as to what you want or alternatively email me with your order so I can send you a PayPal payment request.

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