Netherlands. (1961 to 1963)

This page covers the period from when we returned to the Netherlands for my father to get more training at the Pernis Shell refinery in Rotterdam, the largest in Europe up until my family's final return to South Africa.

We flew to the Netherlands via Kano airport in northern Nigeria where we stopped on a blistering hot night to refuel. In 1961 the range of aircraft was much more limited than today.

We first stayed in Den Haag where I showed an early interest in wildlife. Here I am feeding a dove with my friend Marcel.

My father then had to do some further specific training at a Shell refinery in Germany so we moved to 4 Roevoets straat, Valkenberg to be closer to his place of work and soon I got my first tent and my love for the outdoors was stimulated.


Corien and I traveled to a christian school, the Surenga by train to the nearby city of Maastricht first having to walk to our local station and by first crossing the tracks at a level crossing. (click on photo for larger image)



My father had completed his training so we were ready to move back to South Africa where he would be part of the startup team for the Shell refinery in Durban. So onto the next period in my life: