Sasolberg (1957 to 1961)

This page covers the period from my arrival in South Africa until my family's temporary return to the Netherlands.
We left the Netherlands and traveled by ship the Zuiderkruis. and landed at Cape Town on 9th August 1957.


We headed inland to Pretoria where we were registered as immigrants. My identification card was issued on 26th August 1957.

As my father got a job at Sasol as an chemical Engineer so we move there and for the first few weeks stayed at the Indaba Hotel.


Soon we moved into our own home in the Hersov street


/My father would normally spend the weekends with his family and was often enjoyed in the South African sunshine.
I enjoyed riding on my 'step' following my older sister Corien.
The sun was warm and life was good. What will my future be?
What was I waiting for?
During May 1958 my younger sister Ineke arrives home.
And so our family had just got bigger.
I was 5 in June 1959 so it was off to school in January 1960..
1960 class sub A, Nord volk skool. back row, second from the right.
We get an Opel Kapitan and were now able to go on our annual holiday. we would cram everything in the car and head off to Port Edward a journey of some 626km which would take us an entire day from before dawn to after dusk. Because of the presence of sharks, mainly Zambezi sharks bathers had to swim in an enclosure of huge 5m high diamond mesh fencing.
A day out to Pretoria and my strong desire for exploring begins.
and also a general interest in history.
South Africa can also get cold in winter. From left to right, my mother, me showing of my rib cage, Ineke having a drink and Corien looking rather anxious.
October 1961 my youngest sister Riana joins the fun.
My father applies for a job with Shell in Durban to open a new oil refinery but needed specific training in the Netherlands and Germany so it is back to the Netherlands for the family

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