Scouting involvement (1963 to 1995)


This page, when completed will be a full record of my scouting involvement.

The 1st Isipingo cab pack started to meet in our front garden while we lived in Isipingo Beach in 1963.




My mother started helped with the cubs and I joined and so began my scouting career.

When we moved to Athlone Park I joined the 1st Umbogintwini cub pack. The Akala was a Roy Cowgill. We were part of the Near South Coast district. Roy's farther, Hathi, was the district commissioner.
I enjoyed cubs an soon became a seconder and then a sixer of the green six.
Working hard I achieved my Leaping wolf badge the highest cub badge you can attain
Once I got my leaping wolf I leaped up(moved up) to scouts which met on Friday evenings. I had my own stave which I had to protect with linseed oil.
Ijoined the' Swift' patrol under the leadership of Ian Darwent. I enjoyed a lot of support from the rest of my family as they too were involved in one way or the other.

Three Springbok Scouts; myself, Stuart Boyd and David Gurr after receiving our badges from Area commissioner, Tubby Goldman in the Umbogintwini's Jubilee Hall.


It wasn't too long until I became a Patrol leader. Three patrol leaders, David Gurr, Steward Boyd and I, were challenged by the Near South Coast Local Association, the non-uniformed body that supported the uniformed members of the district as well as stimulating co-operation by the various scout groups in that whoever attained a Springbok scout badge first would be given a six man tent for their patrol. As we got on really well with each other we decided to go for it together. After many camp, hikes and badges all three of us finished the requirements at the same time. Was this some sort of friendly collusion?

The Local Association now had a predicament as they could not afford 3 six man patrol tents. They decided to give each one a 2 man tent. Well that does put six people under canvas!

  Assistant scoutmaster 1st Umbogintwini.

Scoutmaster 1st Amanzimtoti.

  Assistant Distict Commissioner Near South Coast
Distict Commissioner Near South Coast  
  Assistant Area Commisioner for Activities.
Assistant Troop Scouter 1st Kingsburgh.  
  Troop Scouter 1st Kingsburgh..
I was glad to have been involved in the scouting movement for such as long time and have enjoyed many interesting experiences. It was also a great pleasure to been able to serve young people in a meaningfull way.