1st Isipingo Cub Pack (1963)


This page covers my short time as a cub at the 1st Isipingo Cub Pack

My scouting 'career' began in Isipingo Beach when I joined the 1st Isipingo cub pack at an age of 9. The 1st Isipingo cub pack met temporarily in our most spacious front garden in Ravine road as the group was in the process of building their new group headquarters on the edge of a sports field located on the right of the road just after the bridge crossing the Isipingo river as you entered Isipingo in the vicinity of what is now Baracuda Drive. My mother helped the pack while they were meeting in our garden.

The 1st Isipingo cub pack of the Near South Coast District in 1964

Click on the photo to see it full size. The cub's names I remember are: George Booysens, Eddy Edwards an Wim van der Bosch

With my dog 'Noddy'
Welcoming certificate in the name of 'Win' which should have been 'Wim' which I was sometimes called when I was young
My family then moved to a new home in Athlone Park and so I went onto: