1st Umbogintwini Scout Group (1964 to 1983)


This page covers my time from joining 1st Umbogintwini as a cub until leaving to get married and start family life.

The 'Jungle' blanket patch

The 1st Umbogintwini scout grounds were situated on property owned by AECI in Rees Road The whole Umbogintwini village which was owned by AECI and was patrolled every night by African security guards wearing dark green great coats and these guards would often be seen in the scout grounds. The scout grounds were affectionately known as 'the jungle'. The guards would often join us when the scouts made fires.

After moving to Athlone Park from Isipingo Beach I joined the 1st Umbogintwini cup pack. My first Akela was Roy Cowgill the son of the Near South Coast District Commissioner Fred Cowgill also known as Haiti. Just behind the hall was a huge tree known as BP tree and 'grand howl' would take place in the shade of this tree. I worked hard and soon promoted to a sixer.
I enjoyed cubs an soon became a seconder and then a sixer of the green six.
  In order to graduate to scouts it was recommended to earn the leaping wolf badge which I then started working on. and achieved so 'going up 'to scouts automatically.
The 'Jabula' blanket patch

won a tent, Tom Stephenson, Alistair Preston, Anerley, Jabula

Now a scout with a 6 foot stave which had to be treated with linseed oil. Our Scout Master was Lynn Crossley known as Hawk. One of the scouts' father Bonza Boyd assisted
Joining seagulls patrol under the patrol leadership of Ian Darwent later forming the goshawks patrol
3 springbok scouts, myself, Stuart Boyd and David Gurr having been presented with our badges by the Area Commissioner, Tubby Goldman
Springbok scout badge
After a short break I returned to help run the troop under Peter Petit also the store manager for Sandie's supermarket with Lynn Crossley being the Group Scoutmaster and soon went along with Lynn on a raft building camp on the banks of the Illovo River
Then it was off to a join in Jamboree camp on the banks of the Umkomaas river during 1975

Adult training was then started by going on a preliminary wood badge course which was completed in May 1978
and soon to get my first Warrant effective 1st June 1978.
and to be registered as an Assistant Scout Master effective 16th June 1978