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A few nights after my stroke while flat on my back I remembered that in the scriptures it says that God uses good out of all things and so it came to me to write a book of my experiences and recovery so here are the completed chapters. The book is planned to several chapters and a title for the book is still to come to me so suggestions are welcome. Apart from my physical challenge I am enjoying my present lifestyle and in no hurry to complete the book as I have kept enough notes for each chapter which generally cover the various aspects of my long journey. Besides keeping a record for myself and reflecting on the last few challenging years I also have taken a liking to writing and expressing my thoughts.

At present I have no plans for publishing this book in hard copy so please feel free to print out any chapters. I will be guided and led in time by my Lord and Saviour.

Once you select a chapter you will first be redirected to another page. This enables me to see which chapters are being read. All chapters will open in the PDF format. If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer you may download the latest version free: Please check that you have the latest version as using older versions of are known to have minor problems. Once you have read a chapter you may use your browser's back button to return to my site.

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The Lord has opened the way as Jane Pugh from Surrey is now proof reading before chapters are released. I wish to thank her for her dedication, positive input and efficiency.

I am now a lot more motivated to completing my book and hope to make available the remaining intended chapters on a more regular basis.

Chapter numbering will be re-done in due course.

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