Are those that go to church or confess to be Christians hypocrites? At first glance it may certainly seem like it. The truth however is that Christians have realised that they have sinned and possibly continue to sin, a sad fact which stems from the sinful nature of mankind. Christians however try their best not to sin and try to follow in the ways of Jesus, who was in fact God in human form who had come down from Heaven so that he could be tempted in the same way as mankind but to resist the same temptations that we face and be an example for us all to follow. A church is like a hospital which is there to make us well. Healthy people do not need to go to hospitals. Also going to hospital will not always make a person well immediately and that is why we need to keep going back in the same way that Christians should attend church regularly. The first step to being a Christ follower is to realise and to acknowledge that we have gone wrong and that we need healing.