Objectives for this website.


God willing I hope to slowly develop and grow this site and so sharing my life's story in the form of an illustrated and to record my present lifestyle and . By sharing my past some may say I am harping in the past but in fact this is a hobby and not about me but rather to the glory of our God who has blessed me with a wonderful and adventurous life. My life certainly had its challenges but the Lord has stood beside me throughout, blessed me and protected me on many occasions. Gods faithfulness in the past reminds me to trust Him in the present and the future! I also keep the below objectives in mind.

  1. The opportunity of sharing the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour. If I can be influential for only bringing one person to see the light I will have succeeded and would be so worthwhile see Matthew 18v12
  2. Having had 2 strokes in March 2007 leaving me completely paralyzed on my left side and resulting in me having left neglect whereby I initially had difficulty with typing on a keyboard working on this website gives me plenty of practice in order to slowly rectify this condition.
  3. Working on my website forces me to sit still for a change and relax and concentrating on a correct posture and allowing my arm to hang down gradually stretching the shortened muscles and tendons or with my hand on my lap with my hand flat and my back straight.
  4. Helps to improve a few cognitive problems. If you don't use it you may loose it!
  5. To try to inspire people that find themselves in a similar situations and to show in a practical way that with the Lord at the helm and not all is lost after a stroke and resultant disability and that stroke victors can still have a normal fulfilling life and an abundance of hope.
  6. Relearn my web designing skills using Dreamweaver CS3. My previous web sites were designed using Microsoft Front Page which is now obsolete.
  7. Explore most of the features available in Dreamweaver and to try and incorporate as many as I can into this site.
  8. A platform to record the events and recovery following my strokes in the form of an online the chapters of which I can easily be changed if needed.
  9. A place to help me make ends meet by selling off stock from an attempted business venture
  10. To try to sell my First Day cover collection
  11. It does not matter if anyone reads any of it or not and I am not bound by any time restraint.

If you see any mistakes, duplications or have any suggestions or constructive criticism please email me. email me