This page will give you some ideas of keeping your muscles toned and at their normal length while you wait for the brain to repair itself and establish new neural pathways. I acknowledge that doing exercises each day in a specific session is not always practical and easily forgotten with all your day to day challenges and activities. I try to memorize the exercise techniques and try to do them as often as I think of doing them. Recovery from a stroke seems to me like a full time occupation. Click on the image of each chart for a full size image.

Guidelines to exercises.
Aerobic and balance toe walking
Aerobic marching

Aerobic side stepping.

Balance heel raises
Balancing standing on one leg.
Mobilizing and stretching ankles.
Mobilizing arms and shoulders.
Mobilizing fingers
Mobilizing shoulders
Mobilizing wrist and hand.
Mobilizing wrist.
Mobilizing wrists and shoulders.
Stretching back.

Stretching back of legs.

Stretching chest!
Stretching wrists.