Incredible people

There are many very brave and inspirational people around the world. Remember there is always someone less fortunate than ourselves so do check out some of their stories and see if after you have seen their story you still feel like having a pity party. If you still want to have a pity party please do not bother to invite me as I too need to get on with this wonderful life like all these others.

Barry Funell (hand cyclist paraplegic)

Brian Gault (author without arms)

Geoff Holt (yachtsman with broken neck)

Hector Picard (double amputee changing a flat tire without hand)

Jessica Cox (female pilot without arms)

Nicolas McCarthy (one handed pianist)

Nick Vuijicic (no arms, no legs, no worries)

Richie Parker (no arms)

Rosie Davies (7yrs old)