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Support information

Having had a stroke a person needs to know what help is available and where they can get this help from. This page is drawn up specifically for the United Kingdom and from my own experiences and will by no means be complete.

You are invariably now disabled and not able to continue your normal work but will still need an income to live on. Income can come from several sources and there are many forms of benefits you can claim. Remember it is obvious that if you don't claim you probably won't get the support yo need. Applying for financial support is like walking through a minefield as although the support system is excellent it extremely complex. No one knows exactly what you can claim and you could get into trouble if you claim incorrectly and you may find yourself having to repay amounts that you should not have claimed even if your claim is accepted initially and so through no fault of your own. Since the introduction of austerity measures benefits are changing daily and it is virtually impossible to keep up. Even the Citizen's Advice is often unclear of what a person is entitled to and on one occasion I was incorrectly advised so ended up claiming for a benefit that I should not have had and when this was discovered through my honesty I had to repay it all so do check several sources! I have tried my best to bring to your attention some of the possible benefits. Click on the word and you will be taken to the appropriate website which will be a good starting place. If any of the links no longer work please let me know.

Due to the rapidly changing social support systems it is now longer feasable for me to offer much help



  1. Disability Living Allowance for adults (DLA).
  2. Disability Living Allowance for children (DLA).
  3. Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  4. Incapacity Benefit.
  5. Employment and support allowance (ESA).
  6. Income support.

Relief for rent and council tax is available in most towns and cities: Find your council

If you need help with performing your daily living tasks and feel you are capable of employing your own helpers/staff you could apply for Direct Payments

There is no need to sit at home feeling sorry for yourself and there are various options to help you with traveling costs so go out and enjoy your new but challenging lifestyle.

If you need help with getting out or with simple tasks at home such as minor diy an organization that may be able to help is ' Good neighbors so visit their website to find a branch near you

For information specific to those living or traveling in London click

Explore your town or city or simply just go shopping by bus. Apply for a Disabled person's bus pass If you need assistance when traveling by bus but depending on where you live you could also able to apply for a 'companion's' pass enabling you to go with a carer or companion.

Most toilets reserved for the disabled within the UK are locked with a universal lock and the key that fits these locks is called a radar key and these may be obtained from a variety of sources. The best would be to do a Goggle search to find a suitable supplier.

If you are unable to get to a bus stop go could go by taxi or utilize the Dial-a ride service. To help you pay the taxi fare. there are various taxi schemes countrywide: Taxi voucher schemes This link will take you to a Goggle page giving you several choices so click a link most suitable to your location.

Why not go further afield and see this lovely country by rail and so apply for a Disabled rail card

If you want to go through an airport special assistance will be available at most airports. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has done some research and made available a downloadable booklet setting out guidelines and your rights. The operator of the airport is responsible to get you through the airport and will hand you over to your airline's cabin crew. Heathrow airport Holdings Limited is the operator at Heathrow and they are responsible for your transit through Heathrow.

If you enjoy the cinema you may get a Cinema exhibitors card

When going out I would encourage you to walk as much as possible, slowly building up strength and at the same timing keeping up your fitness level but for the ease of parking or to help your companion apply for a Blue Badge

Blue badge holders may also apply for exemption from the London congestion charge

There are available concessions for disabled people at certain tolls Toll crossing concessions

There are many other sources of information available to you and I would recommend as a first stop the Stroke Association