Stroke links

Here are some links to product I have looked at. I cannot endorse any product as obviously the company concerned primarily wants to make money out of their idea. After looking at the product I suggest you speak to your GP, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, fellow stroke victors and other people before investing in any of them




Music glove



Links to organizations and charities you may turn to for support or information

ACLS medical training

Think Ahead(UK)

University College London

The stroke network (USA)

and another with the same name

Stroke survivors (Ottawa, Canada)

Different Strokes (UK)

Stroke Tattler (USA)

Together to end stroke (USA)

Second Chance Stroke Survivors (USA)

Linkedin groups:

Stroke survivors network

Twitter groups:


Stroke victors' personal web sites

myStroke (Chris Banting UK)

Peter (Gateshead, UK)