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This page shows some products that could come in useful if you only have the use of one hand. Some of the products shown are not always marketed for the specific use of the disabled but are nevertheless still useful. First a few links to suppliers of disability products which you might find useful

Able2wear, Complete care shop, NRS Heathcare and Paterson medical;

Are you struggling to cut your food stuffs using a normal knife with a serrated blade? Then just use a Knork which acts as a sharp edge and a fork in one utensil. You can buy this online and the easiest is to find one using Google.
Removing unwanted food stuffs from between your teeth is problematic with normal dental floss and one hand. A long handled flosser is available. I have seen these at Boots and believe they are also available from Wilkinson's.
A smaller version and easier to carry is called a Crest glide floss pick. An advantage of this type is that it also has a sharp point on the opposite end.

Need to open a tin? No problem by using a one handed tin opener.

Feeling lazy? Then an even easier method is by using a battery operated one touch automatic opener. They say that fish helps the development of brain cells so please take note of the tin's contents!
Need to open a jar, also no problem use a 3 sizes non slip jar holder. To see this in use go to:
Feeling lazy again? Then use a battery operated, one touch device.
Need to spread butter on your bread? Again no problem by using a bread spreader. To see me using this spread board see :
Does this spreading board slide about on your work surface? Then look at this better model.
Do you want to become more adventurous like peeling a potato, slicing bread or cucumbers then a work station will be ideal. To see me peeling a potato using this workstation see:
It is challenging to clean spectacles with one hand. There is an organization called Remap in the UK and it is through them that I had this spectacle holder made enabling me to easily clean my spectacles.
A method of hanging small things on a clothes line was shown to me by the Hertfordshire South branch of REMAP which involves the use of clothes pegs glued to one another in pairs.
On a clean floor or table attach the first peg.
Next attach the second peg.

Now hang the item on the drying line.

All done!
Do you find it challenging to use and clip up a conventional belt, then get a piece of webbing belt.
Find someone to weave it through the trouser loops to the exact length and then it should not be too challenging to clip both sides together. Once I thought of this idea I no longer had to always wear scruffy joggy bottoms and can could look smart again. It does however take me more time to dress!
When sleeping does your duvet roll into a ball inside your duvet cover? Simple! get someone to sew four buttons on each corner of your duvet and sew 4 button holes on each corner of the cover
Do you battle to put your towels on towel rails? Simple. Ask someone to sew loops on on corner of each towel making sure that the loop is made of a thick cord and the ask ask someone to secure hooks on your walls remembering that they need to be high enough to keep your towel off the floor!
Two waterproof foot push switches were fitted and bypass the column switch by passed to solve a simple problem on my scooter. see more on

Struggling to put on a normal glove then get some mittens and attach two tags on either end to prevent you biting through the lining and keeping them in a tip top condition

putting on the mitten
Removing the mitten
If you travel through Heathrow and ask for special assistance you will probably be taken to your aircraft with one of their special designed people carriers
I found that due to the loss of strength in my paralyzed leg I it challenging to hold that leg upright especially when cornering through the 180 degree turns on the ramps down to the boarding gates On one occasion, once aboard I could barely sleep due to my leg being so tired after the effort I had exerted prior to boarding
A solution had to be thought of and so using the same principal as the I had a temporary strap made while in South Africa by a dear friend Lynn Jack
Problem solved!