Latest news and developments on stroke matters.

I need your help in keeping the facts on this website current especially the pages concerning stroke. There are about 150,000 strokes each year in the UK and a leading cause of adult severe disability. Research is on going so together we can help other stroke victors giving them hope for the future. Please email on the button below if you see any improvements I could make to this site or if you hear of any news and developments which I may research and possibly include.


An Open University innovation, haptic bracelets could possible also be used for stroke victors?

A 38 minute discussion on BBC4 radio in respect of a the clot- busting drug 'Alteplas'

A research project about robot-mediated therapy for the upper limb has been announced

Transport for London continually improve their facilities for people with accessibility needs

A device called the nerve tingler is undergoing a clinical trail

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