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Being independent is important to anyone so when I lost a lot of that independence I had to figure out alternative methods and my son, Darrel thought it may be a good idea to film some of these ideas to show that many seemingly impossible challenges can be overcome so here are a few links to some video clips on You Tube to show you that many things are possible with a little imagination or with the help of a commercially available product. Darrel filmed all of these clips and added music to them but since he has gone back to South Africa not more have been produced so if any of you know of anyone able to produce a few more I do have a few extra ideas that I can share so please contact me.

The first YouTube clip that was produced was on how to hold down the left hand side of my jacket so I could zip it up on my own

A few more were produced, the following 4 of ideas using commercially available products:

1. Opening a jar:OPENING A JAR

2. Buttering a slice of bread: BUTTERING A SLICE OF BREAD

3. Peeling a potato: PEELINGA POTATO

4. Clipping fingernails: CLIPPING FINGERNAILS perhaps a bit 'different' but still showing it can be done if you are determined enough


Another four ideas of using my own initiative but by employing commercially available products:

5. Putting on a glove: PUTTING ON A GLOVE using a short strap that was sewed on.

6. Applying hand cream: APPLYING HANDCREAM using a squash ball and a restaurant's payment tray.

7. Putting on a cross: PUTING ON MY CROSS using tiny magnets specifically for the purpose.

8. Tying up shorts: TYING UP SHORTS using a toggle available from any descent camping shop.

Finally a short clip to show that life can go on regardless of a disability

9. Swimming a with of a pool: IN THE POOL