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Ingwelala is a privately owned share block nature reserve, situated adjacent to the Kruger Park. Ingwelala has an abundance of wildlife, many bird species and the Big Five. There is a camp consisting of several cottages mostly owned by small groups of people who created their own time share companies. The camp is fenced off by only an elephant fence which is a simple 2 stranded electric fence at a height that is most effective in keeping elephants out. all other wildlife are ale to easily enter the camp by simply walking under the fence. My sister and her husband have one such cottage shared with 9 other people.


The journey from White River took us about 3 and a half hours. not far from our cottage a hyena disappeared into the bushes so we knew to keep all the doors shut at all times. Our first task was to switch on the services and stock the cupboards and fridge with the food we had brought with.

The cottage had its own game viewing vehicle so as we set off for our first game drive with my nephew Jonathan driving while the rest of us sat back and enjoyed viewing the plentifully game
  More photos to follow shortly so do please return here