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Scotland day 3 - 6th June 2013

Loch Katrine and the Sir Walter Scott steamship
The second day we set off stopping off at the Vernacher Lochside restaurant for a cup of tea.
Overlooking the Vernacher loch with some water birds peacefully enjoying the crystal clear water.
Then driving onto Loch Katrine
Arriving at Trossachs pier
The home of a 1899 Steamship the 'Sir Walter Scott'
for a sunset cruise
with friendly crew
all aboard and we set sail
We see little islands in the loch
Tranquil waters on our starboard bow
Distant hills dead ahead

an old Castle in the trees

Unfortunately all good experiences come to an end
There is a lot to do at Loch Katrine
We went for a short walk beside the loch and looked back at the Sir Walter Scott
The good day finished off with a coffee at the Brenachoile cafe.
Now onto