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Scotland day 4 - 6th June 2013

The Falkirk Wheel and William Wallace monument


Off to see an engineering marvel The Falkirk Wheel'

We board a boat the 'Archimedes' moored in the lower Forth and Clyde canal to be lifted up to the upper Union canal
arriving at the upper level
opening the sluices
almost level
through the Roughcastle tunnel and an about turn in the top Union canal
Approaching the entrance for the return
wait for the lights
all clear
in the Rough castle tunnel
view of Falkirk
a final view of this incredible piece of engineering over a cup of tea
Being summer with plentiful daylight we decide to go to the Wallace monument but arrived just as the were closing up the curio shop and office. I did not manage to get my customary fridge magnet which reminds me of the places I have been to we decided to walk the very steep path to the top.
The path was extremely steep but step after step I made it stopping several times to regain my breath. I eventually made it. Thanks to God and could see the incredible detail of the monument
his coat of arms
Monument figure !
A bunny enjoying the last few rays of glorious sunlight
As the sunlight slowly began to fade I looked toward the distant Stirling castle.
On the way back with the lighting being good we set of to see if I could get a shot of the Firth of Fourth bridge from a different angle so we returned via the north bank of the Firth going to the little village of Culross
Now onto