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Scotland day 5 - 7th June 2013

A slow walk (with plenty of rests) to the Selmmuir fisheries and a drive to a nearby lake

on my feet step bty step with plenty of rests where I would just stand still for a few seconds up a gentle incline

past flower and fields
trying to walk without my stick for a short distance Not much further to go!
The last bend?
Nearly there!
Finally arriving at the peaceful and tranquil waters of the fishery
To sit awhile 'by quiet waters' (Psalm 23) The peaceful and tranquil waters of the reservoir
Then walking back to fetch the car and drive to a nearby lake and sit on the bank
looking at the afternoons activities
ripples in the reeds
a small jetty
cloud reflections
a small boat on the lake going home
fading light
driving home
and onto dinner at the Bridge Inn
enjoying a meal overlooking a canal


Now onto