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Scotland day 7 - 9th June 2013

Edinburgh Castle and surrounds

We drive to the outskirts of Edinburgh and leave our car in a 'Park and ride' getting a bus into the city centre


On arrival we first have a hot drink and were fortunate to hear a 21 gun salute being fired from the Castle in honor of prince Philip on his birthday and got a spectacular view at just the right angle except for the obtrusive lamp post cover!
We decide to go to the castle via an unusual route that would take us around the back of the castle so we set off first going past the Saint John's Episcopal church
We went inside to have look!
What a very decorative roof in the magnificent church!
Time to leave and move on!
Taking our time we slowly go through the adjacent Saint Cuthbert's church cemetery
Walking along we get our first glimpse of Edinburgh castle
and soon another
The Store house and hospital
The new Barracks
close up of the Palace
just before the entrance we come across a piper
walk past a witchery
and an illusionist of sorts
Arrival at the entrance.
which is well guarded.
canon all around!
M king sure the canons can't be fired!

canon overlooking the city


We go to the ticket office and I am offered a ride to the top in a courtesy car which I gladly accept. I was truly impressed by the Scottish service and attitude toward the physically challenged
Going through a tunnel beneath the castle
So avoiding the crowds!
Arriving on the upper level we look down to the lower level. You can also see the one o'clock gun standing on the parapet
and the view over the city of Edinburgh to the East
and to the west
Mons Meg medieval cannon
one of the cannons that stand all around the parapet
Looking down a barrel of a cannon
As we leave a quick pose with the guard
As we leave the castle we look at a mirror and notice that in the past week we really lost a lot of weight!
But then we look again!
We walk down Castle Hill and look down Lawnmarket street and the High street
Looking back we see this church with high spires on the corner of Castle Hill - Lawn street and Johnson Terrace
St. Giles Cathedral
My finger on his head!
a church with another impressive spire on the corner of the High and South Bridge streets
as the day was drawing to and end and darkness began to fall we realized we were being followed by a 'hoodie' so we had better start heading back to the bus stop
so we cross the North Bridge and pass a war memorial
On Carlton hill we see the city Observatory
Nelson's column (pointed column bit on the left) and St. Andrews house (on the right)
a quick look back at the North Bridge to se if we are still being followed by the hoodie
Unfortunately all good holidays have to come to an end. The next day it was back to the airport to drop off the hire car and fly home!